The only team that can legally conduct 4kRAW filming in populated areas.

Why create aerial cinematography with us?

years of experience

one of few teams with several years of experience in the field of aerial cinematography, using drones

moviemaking competence

rich experience in the field of moviemaking, professionalism and motivation of the team ensure high quality and effectiveness

technical knowledge

detailed understanding of the entire flight technique - high quality maintenance, reliability of functioning and safe execution

skyris - c class

Skyris, the most modern flight system, which, in many cases, exceeds the most demanding legal requirements

4K RAW video

use of high quality DJI X5R camera, with a 4K RAW mode of recording, with the ability of all camera settings during flight and an HD live broadcast

safe execution

compliance of highest technical standards of safety during all stages of preparation and execution of flight operations

all work permits

the first team (as of 11 September, 2016) with all the permits for aerial operations, even in populated areas and during night time (including a sport pilot license)

work in class IV flying area

filming also in the most demanding class IV flying area of Slovenia, without waiting for additional permits, with a category C drone, weighing under 5 kg

From the film production:


A few recent projects:


David Sipoš

Successful film and photography director of movies and documentaries. An avid storyteller of Old European themed stories, his movie Kresnik: The Lore of Fire received four awards at film festivals in the USA. The top quality visual perfection of each scene is a constant challenge for him. The world is too beautiful not to be captured with moving pictures as well.

Janez Kotar

Licensed sport pilot, developer of drone flight systems, a successful photographer (award winning aerial photos, home and abroad), who boasts years of experience of safe use of drones. As one of the best experts around, he is also a consultant and a lecturer in the field of safe drone use.

Tim Žibrat

Talented composer and sound mixer of many short movies, full length movies and documentaries, such as Changing Emma, Kresnik: The Lore of Fire… With years of organizational and production experience, along with very good knowledge of the use of drone flight systems, he ensures, again and again, that the execution, from planning to post-production, is done flawlessly.